The Chronicles Begin

Spring 2016 will see the release of the first novel of the Omnigenos Chronicles, a series that tells the tales of a complex world filled with super-heroic action and drama and super-villainous peril and schemes.

The Omnigenos Chronicles banner will include tales about many different facets of this world, but the first story told will be that of the Next Alliance, a group of young would-be heroes learning the ropes in the shadow of the world’s most famous team of super-heroes. The story of the Next Alliance begins in Next Alliance Book 1: False Starts, a 192 page paperback coming soon to Amazon from Lulu Publishing.

But What Does ‘Omnigenos’ Mean?

The Earth of the Omnigenos Chronicles is filled to the brim with omnigeni—people born with fantastic powers coded into their DNA. This code, called the omnigene, lies dormant in most people for the whole of their lives. Activation of the omnigene can occur naturally through biological maturation, by design through experimentation, or by accidental contact with unusual energies. No matter how it activates, the omnigene grants super-human powers and changes the course of that person’s destiny.

Omnigeni is the plural form of omnigenos, the word that the scientific community uses to describe anyone with an activated omnigene.


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