Next Alliance Spotlight: Challenger

ocna strappingLaura Rollins is the daughter of renowned super-hero, Infiltrator. Born without any powers of her own, Laura joins the Next Alliance thanks to a suit of powered battle armor built by founding Ally Anton Karn. With her Challenger suit, Laura can fly, project devastating sonic blasts, and turn momentarily invisible.

Laura’s real problems come not from her commitment to being Challenger, but instead from all that has come before. Less than a year ago, she died in a brutal car accident… but then, months later, she showed up on the doorstep of the Alliance Compound with no clear memory of what had happened to her. The only thing that is known is that when she died she was ten years old, and now she is sixteen.

Laura’s story begins in NEXT ALLIANCE: FALSE STARTS!

Learn more about the rest of the team on their Roster Page in the Codex!


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