Announcing TEAM-UP TALES!

In a world of super-heroes and super-villains, sometimes the only way for good to defeat evil is for heroes to work together. These are…
Team-Up Tales Logo

Pine Grove, Colorado has two super-heroes, and both of them are just kids!
Spider-Monkey LogoFuse Box Logo

Spider-Monkey – An acrobatic hero famous for his courage!

Fuse Box – A cautious hero with the power to absorb energy!

But when a team of super-villains comes to town with an evil plan, can these two heroes find a way to work together? What will they do when they learn that they have far more in common than they could ever imagine?

Releasing on Kindle and Paperback this spring, Team-Up Tales is the first middle grades novel for younger readers in the Omnigenos Chronicles. Set in the summer of 2017 (almost seventeen years after our flagship title, Next Alliance) Team-Up Tales will reveal subtle hints about the future of that series as well as tell a rip-roaring story of these two young heroes and the crazy events that draw them together!


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