Announcing NEXT ALLIANCE 2!

In a world of super-heroes and evil villains threatening global domination, the world’s premier super-team, the United Alliance, has a new mission. They must seek out the next generation of super-powered people, called omnigeni, and train them to become the NEXT ALLIANCE!

Next Alliance - Standing Tall - eBook

The story of the Next Allies continues in Book 2: Standing Tall!
After less than two months, the Next Alliance is already a mess. Grounded after the events of their last mission, the team is without their mentor, without their freedom, and without hope of ever stepping up to be the heroes they know they can be. But when the young heroine known as Ms. Mega escapes form her prison in the Antipodes Continuum, she sets into motion events that will challenge the Next Allies to stand tall in the face of incredible odds…

Challenger – Can her suit of powered armor protect her from the truth of what happened to her when she and Ms. Mega were trapped in the clutches of Eventide?

Catalyst – His power of transmutation is incredible, but will it be enough to save him from the return of the team that he has so desperately tried to escape?

Flicker – Gifted with super-speed and a powerful kinetic energy attack, can she be the hero she has always dreamt of when she alone seems to actually care about doing the right thing?

Volt – After a savage attack at school, can this electrical powerhouse come to grips with his own struggles of identity before it is too late?

Amazing Boy – Will the secrets of his family be more than this incredible hero – with powers that defy description – can bear?

Heatfront – After finally making friends, can this combination of heat-controlling hero and shape-shifting robot prove that he belongs on the team?

Together, these six young people could be exactly the heroes this world needs… if they can finally start to trust one another.

Next Alliance 1 Poster

Releasing on Kindle and Paperback this spring, Next Alliance Book 2: Standing Tall is the continuation of the young adult flagship series in the Omnigenos Chronicles. Picking up where Book 1: False Starts left off, Standing Tall will bring new dangers and old mysteries into focus as the Next Alliance races towards its most incredible adventures yet!

Head on over to our SHOP page to get your hands on a paperback or Kindle copy of the first book now, or pick up Team-Up Tales 1: Tangles, the newest companion series in the Omnigenos Chronicles. Next Alliance Book 2: Standing Tall will release May 22nd, 2017 after debuting at Wizard World Des Moines that weekend!


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