Announcing NEXT ALLIANCE 3!

In a world of super-heroes and evil villains threatening global domination, the world’s premier super-team, the United Alliance, has a new mission. They must seek out the next generation of super-powered people, called omnigeni, and train them to become the NEXT ALLIANCE!



The story of the Next Allies continues in Book 3: Lashing Out!
Tradition Week is here! Locked in their school with members of the villainous Think Tank, the Next Allies will be forced to confront their darkest secrets and inner fears. With the sinister Rage Wraith pulling everyone’s strings, there’s no telling what will happen when pent up frustrations are finally free to lash out…

Challenger – Even with new upgrades to her suit of powered armor, is she able to unite the team into the fighting force she needs to seek revenge on Eventide?

Catalyst – What will happen when this transmutational powerhouse learns that the Architect is not the only one trying to tamper with his mind?

Flicker – Will all her super-speed be enough to help her outrun one terrible mistake in her past?

Volt – When this terminally ill master of electricity gets the one thing he’s always wanted, will it save him… or doom him?

Amazing Boy – What happens when his nearly limitless powers are put to the ultimate test: fixing what is broken in his team?

Heatfront – Can this heat-controlling hero and his robotic partner survive a shattering revelation about their shared origin?

Ms. Mega – The super-strong, super-fast, super-perfect newest member of the team has it all together… or does she?

Together, these seven young people could be exactly the heroes this world needs… if they can ever forgive one another.

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Releasing on Kindle and Paperback this summer, Next Alliance Book 3: Lashing Out is the continuation of the young adult flagship series in the Omnigenos Chronicles. Picking up where Book 2: Standing Tall left off, Lashing Out will bring the team their most personal, and frightening, challenges yet!

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