The Books

The Omnigenos Chronicles series will eventually cover several different story strands set in its rich setting. Each strand is called out below!


Next Alliance - False Starts Cover FRONTBook 1: False Starts

In a world of super-heroes and evil villains threatening global domination, the world’s premier super-team, the United Alliance, has a new mission. They must seek out the next generation of super-powered omnigeni and train them to become the NEXT ALLIANCE!

But starting a super-team is no easy task for adults, and it is an even harder job for a group of young people. The Allies must bring together an eclectic sextet of teenagers that all carry their own fears, struggles, and secrets.

Together, these six young people could be exactly the heroes this world needs… if they can ever learn to get along.

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TUT1 KindleBook 1: Tangles

In a world of super-heroes and super-villains, sometimes the only way for good to defeat evil is for the heroes to work together. These are TEAM-UP TALES!

Pine Grove, Colorado has just two super-heroes, and both of them are just kids!

But when a team of super-villains comes to town with an evil plan, can these two heroes find a way to work together? What will they do when they learn that they have far more in common than they could ever imagine?

Available Spring, 2017!