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Experience a game of fast-paced superheroic action set in the universe of the Omnigenos Chronicles! Players take on the roles of omnigeni, people with amazing superpowers. While many accept the heavy responsibility of using those powers for good, some choose to go down a different path. Heroic teams of omnigeni are all that protect the ordinary people of Earth from the dangers these superpowered villains pose… and through this game, you decide how the adventures of these heroes unfold…

The Supragen Startup Guide includes six heroes, three villains, a starting storyline adventure, and all the rules players and a Director need to navigate adventure and danger in the world of the Omnnigenos Chronicles!

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Next Alliance

The United Alliance, the world’s premier team of heroic omnigeni, has a new mission: seek out and train the brightest and bravest young heroes. Witness the rise of the Next Alliance as this eclectic mix of young people strive to learn about their powers, themselves, and the complexities of a world filled with danger! Follow the five-book saga of the Next Alliance from the very beginning…

Book One: False Starts on Amazon

Book Two: Standing Tall on Amazon

Book Three: Lashing Out on Amazon

Book Four: Breaking Down on Amazon

Book Five: Fairy Tale (COMING SOON!)

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Team-Up Tales

The little town of Pine Grove, Colorado has just two heroes to protect it… and both of them are kids! In a series filled with surprises, the only thing the energy absorbing Fuse Box and the acrobatic Spider-Monkey can count on is that to fight the threats they are facing, they will have to team-up!

In Book One: Tangles (on Amazon), the heroes learn that the legendary villain Starfall has set her sights on their town—but what connection does she have to their parents… and can two rookie heroes hope to defeat someone who has fought some of the world’s most powerful omnigeni to a standstill?

In Book Two: Twists (on Amazon), a series of natural disasters strikes Pine Grove… but can all of these problems be a coincidence, or is there a greater evil at work behind the scenes? And what does the dangerous new omnigenos, Quaranteen, want with the boys? More secrets come to light and the stakes have never been higher!

The series concludes in Book Three: Threads… COMING SOON!

Coming in 2021…