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Newest Releases

July 2022: SUPRAGEN CHARACTER CATALYST: Character Creation in the World of the Omnigenos Chronicles
Construct your own heroes and villains for roleplaying in the Chronicles! Read more about it HERE.

It begins here–an epic Omnigenos Chronicles crossover spanning the past, present, and future of the universe! Learn more and get your copy HERE.

Universe Primer

An introduction to the world of the Omnigenos Chronicles. Check it out HERE.


Our virtual convention, complete with exclusives, will return in SUMMER of 2022.

More about Jeremiah L. Schwennen

Visit www.spiralchain.net for more information about the author and the OmniChron’s sibling series, SPIRALCHAIN.

NOW AVAILABLE: Supragen Character Catalyst PDF

July 1, 2022

Jeremiah L. Schwennen and Vagrant Workshop are proud to announce the release of the SUPRAGEN CHARACTER CATALYST. This inexpensive add-on to the Supragen roleplaying game includes all the rules players and directors need to create their own compelling heroes and villains in the world of the Omnigenos Chronicles. The second in our range of easy to play, easy to use, easy to afford releases, the SCC finally turns all of the action of adventures in the OmniChron universe over to the players!

Click here to get the Supragen Character Catalyst in PDF!

First Convention in Ages!

I will be bringing the Omnigenos Chronicles show on the road to Des Moines Con May 21-22, 2022. This will be the first ever convention appearance by both Team-Up Tales 2: Tangles and the Supragen RPG Startup Guide. You’ll also be able to pick up my Spiralchain books, board game, and several RPGs I wrote or worked on! I’ll have some nice swag to share with anyone who comes by and talks to me about Omnigenos Chronicles (including the next release, the Supragen Character Catalyst, coming June 1)…

Just don’t ask for spoilers about Titanstorm!

For those finding this site because of the convention, look around! While you can see that Omnigenos.com is not updated super frequently, you can also visit Omnigenos Chronicles on Facebook for a little more casual news.

And the PendraCon Virtual Convention Shop is open for the summer! Head over to https://pendracon.weebly.com/shop.html to see what’s all on display… including a chance to get a copy of Titanstorm Prologue in paperback… we will have a few extras from the short print run created for last month’s Spiralchain Kickstarter campaign!


December 31, 2021

As announced back in 2020, the epic Omnigenoc Chronicles crossover event TITANSTORM begins now!

The End of Heroes?
In the near future, a maniacal former hero has triggered the end of the world! Dark Titan started their campaign of conquest by trying to eliminate all of the superpowered Omnigeni on Earth, but a coalition of survivors has a plan. Led by longtime villains Hypothesis and Perfect 10, the last remnants of Earth’s omnigenos population must gather heroes from across time and hope against all odds that there’s still a chance to stop the TITANSTORM.

Click here to download your copy of TITANSTORM: PROLOGUE for free!

Print release coming in 2022

NOW AVAILABLE: Supragen Startup Guide PDF

December 21, 2020

As announced during PendraCon2020, Jeremiah L. Schwennen and Vagrant Workshop are proud to announce today’s release of the SUPRAGEN STARTUP GUIDE. This inexpensive, action-packed release serves as the core rules for the Supragen roleplaying game, allowing players to take on the roles of heroes (and villains) in the Omnigenos Chronicles. The first of a planned range of easy to play, easy to use, easy to afford releases, the SSG launches a bold new phase in the OmniChron universe!

Click here to get the Supragen Startup Guide in PDF or Paperback!