Announcing NEXT ALLIANCE 2!

In a world of super-heroes and evil villains threatening global domination, the world’s premier super-team, the United Alliance, has a new mission. They must seek out the next generation of super-powered people, called omnigeni, and train them to become the NEXT ALLIANCE!

Next Alliance - Standing Tall - eBook

The story of the Next Allies continues in Book 2: Standing Tall!
After less than two months, the Next Alliance is already a mess. Grounded after the events of their last mission, the team is without their mentor, without their freedom, and without hope of ever stepping up to be the heroes they know they can be. But when the young heroine known as Ms. Mega escapes form her prison in the Antipodes Continuum, she sets into motion events that will challenge the Next Allies to stand tall in the face of incredible odds…

Challenger – Can her suit of powered armor protect her from the truth of what happened to her when she and Ms. Mega were trapped in the clutches of Eventide?

Catalyst – His power of transmutation is incredible, but will it be enough to save him from the return of the team that he has so desperately tried to escape?

Flicker – Gifted with super-speed and a powerful kinetic energy attack, can she be the hero she has always dreamt of when she alone seems to actually care about doing the right thing?

Volt – After a savage attack at school, can this electrical powerhouse come to grips with his own struggles of identity before it is too late?

Amazing Boy – Will the secrets of his family be more than this incredible hero – with powers that defy description – can bear?

Heatfront – After finally making friends, can this combination of heat-controlling hero and shape-shifting robot prove that he belongs on the team?

Together, these six young people could be exactly the heroes this world needs… if they can finally start to trust one another.

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Releasing on Kindle and Paperback this spring, Next Alliance Book 2: Standing Tall is the continuation of the young adult flagship series in the Omnigenos Chronicles. Picking up where Book 1: False Starts left off, Standing Tall will bring new dangers and old mysteries into focus as the Next Alliance races towards its most incredible adventures yet!

Head on over to our SHOP page to get your hands on a paperback or Kindle copy of the first book now, or pick up Team-Up Tales 1: Tangles, the newest companion series in the Omnigenos Chronicles. Next Alliance Book 2: Standing Tall will release May 22nd, 2017 after debuting at Wizard World Des Moines that weekend!


Announcing TEAM-UP TALES!

In a world of super-heroes and super-villains, sometimes the only way for good to defeat evil is for heroes to work together. These are…
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Pine Grove, Colorado has two super-heroes, and both of them are just kids!
Spider-Monkey LogoFuse Box Logo

Spider-Monkey – An acrobatic hero famous for his courage!

Fuse Box – A cautious hero with the power to absorb energy!

But when a team of super-villains comes to town with an evil plan, can these two heroes find a way to work together? What will they do when they learn that they have far more in common than they could ever imagine?

Releasing on Kindle and Paperback this spring, Team-Up Tales is the first middle grades novel for younger readers in the Omnigenos Chronicles. Set in the summer of 2017 (almost seventeen years after our flagship title, Next Alliance) Team-Up Tales will reveal subtle hints about the future of that series as well as tell a rip-roaring story of these two young heroes and the crazy events that draw them together!


Next Alliance Spotlight: Challenger

ocna strappingLaura Rollins is the daughter of renowned super-hero, Infiltrator. Born without any powers of her own, Laura joins the Next Alliance thanks to a suit of powered battle armor built by founding Ally Anton Karn. With her Challenger suit, Laura can fly, project devastating sonic blasts, and turn momentarily invisible.

Laura’s real problems come not from her commitment to being Challenger, but instead from all that has come before. Less than a year ago, she died in a brutal car accident… but then, months later, she showed up on the doorstep of the Alliance Compound with no clear memory of what had happened to her. The only thing that is known is that when she died she was ten years old, and now she is sixteen.

Laura’s story begins in NEXT ALLIANCE: FALSE STARTS!

Learn more about the rest of the team on their Roster Page in the Codex!

The Chronicles Begin

Spring 2016 will see the release of the first novel of the Omnigenos Chronicles, a series that tells the tales of a complex world filled with super-heroic action and drama and super-villainous peril and schemes.

The Omnigenos Chronicles banner will include tales about many different facets of this world, but the first story told will be that of the Next Alliance, a group of young would-be heroes learning the ropes in the shadow of the world’s most famous team of super-heroes. The story of the Next Alliance begins in Next Alliance Book 1: False Starts, a 192 page paperback coming soon to Amazon from Lulu Publishing.

But What Does ‘Omnigenos’ Mean?

The Earth of the Omnigenos Chronicles is filled to the brim with omnigeni—people born with fantastic powers coded into their DNA. This code, called the omnigene, lies dormant in most people for the whole of their lives. Activation of the omnigene can occur naturally through biological maturation, by design through experimentation, or by accidental contact with unusual energies. No matter how it activates, the omnigene grants super-human powers and changes the course of that person’s destiny.

Omnigeni is the plural form of omnigenos, the word that the scientific community uses to describe anyone with an activated omnigene.