First Convention in Ages!

I will be bringing the Omnigenos Chronicles show on the road to Des Moines Con May 21-22, 2022. This will be the first ever convention appearance by both Team-Up Tales 2: Tangles and the Supragen RPG Startup Guide. You’ll also be able to pick up my Spiralchain books, board game, and several RPGs I wrote or worked on! I’ll have some nice swag to share with anyone who comes by and talks to me about Omnigenos Chronicles (including the next release, the Supragen Character Catalyst, coming June 1)…

Just don’t ask for spoilers about Titanstorm!

For those finding this site because of the convention, look around! While you can see that is not updated super frequently, you can also visit Omnigenos Chronicles on Facebook for a little more casual news.

And the PendraCon Virtual Convention Shop is open for the summer! Head over to to see what’s all on display… including a chance to get a copy of Titanstorm Prologue in paperback… we will have a few extras from the short print run created for last month’s Spiralchain Kickstarter campaign!

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