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Newest Releases

December 2020: SUPRAGEN STARTUP GUIDE: Superheroic Roleplaying in the World of the Omnigenos Chronicles
Explore the Chronicles as never before in this roleplaying game. Read more about it HERE.

October 2020: TEAM-UP TALES 2: TANGLES
Fuse Box and Spider-Monkey are back, but can their partnership survive returning foes, mysterious attackers, and an escalating series of natural disasters that may be anything but natural? Get your copy HERE.

Universe Primer

An introduction to the world of the Omnigenos Chronicles. Check it out HERE.


Our limited-time virtual convention, complete with exclusives. Shop the store HERE.

More about Jeremiah L. Schwennen

Visit www.spiralchain.net for more information about the author and the OmniChron’s sibling series, SPIRALCHAIN.